Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona Scholars

Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH) profoundly impacts the lives of youth who come from financially and socially challenged backgrounds. Through residential and community-based programs, BHGH offers the comprehensive services and support systems that nurture the self-confidence, discipline and focus required to test children’s academic limits and allow them to achieve dreams they once thought were out of their reach. Unique to BHGH is our commitment not only to get students through high school but into and through college. BHGH supports youth from grade 6 through college.

BHGH is characterized by its preventative nature, intervening in children’s lives before they get in trouble in school or with the law and providing them with the tools and skills to become successful, responsible adults. When placed in nurturing environments emphasizing academic excellence, personal responsibility and accountability, these same children discover hope for a better future and develop the confidence to excel using the tools and skills BHGH provides.

Boys Hope Girls Hope makes a long-term commitment to fundamentally change a child’s environment from one that is troubled and potentially destructive to one filled with opportunity and hope by providing our scholars with:

  • Quality education and one-on-one mentoring through college
  • A safe, nurturing environment with highly trained staff
  • Medical and psychological care as needed
  • Individualized personal development aimed at improving their self-esteem through the exploration and development of their innate academic, athletic & cultural talents
  • Spiritual and leadership development
  • Guidance through the college application and financial assistance processes
  • High expectations for academic and personal excellence
  • Financial assistance in college

Rather than touching the lives of many children peripherally, Boys Hope Girls Hope focuses its resources intensively on changing the lives of a few, instilling them with a sense of responsibility to, in turn, use their education to improve the conditions of their families and their communities.

Invest in the success of our scholars!