Boys Hope Girls Hope COVID19

BHGH and COVID19: What our work looks like now!

For over 30 years, BHGH has been helping young people and families in-need to break the cycle of poverty through education.  These past weeks, along with all of you, BHGH has shifted the way we operate. We are now providing critical remote case management and temporary emergency family assistance.

BHGH staff quickly stepped in when our private and college preparatory school partners and colleges closed campuses and moved to distance learning. Our staff connected with every BHGH family to ensure they understood what was happening in the community and the schools, to assess their technology resources and abilities, to identify urgent needs for food, supplies, safety and other essentials and connect them to critical community resources.  This communication has been especially important for parents for whom English is not their first language. The BHGH team is providing stability, continuity, and guidance to ensure our children do not fall through the cracks that vulnerable families are at such high risk of, and that families have help and hope to persevere.

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