Meet our new board chair, Jose Leon!

An interview with Jose Leon
Incoming BHGH Board Chair: Jose Leon, Leon Law PLLC

Jose Leon joined the Boys Hope Girls Hope board in 2018 and has been an active member of the Program Committee helping ensure that BHGH programs are meeting the needs of our scholars and their families. We are honored to have his leadership as Board Chair!

Q: Tell us a bit about your background and how you connect with our scholars?
I’m a Mexican born immigrant that came to the US with the goal of securing a higher education. My parents didn’t finish grade school. My father was a successful farmer but didn’t have more than a 3rd grade education. My mother got her GED when we arrived in the US and settled in Nogales, AZ. At home my parents were supportive but didn’t necessarily know what to do or how to advise me as I navigated the school system.

Q: Why are you invested in BHGH?
I’m invested in BHGH because I see my own story in each and every child. The BHGH demographic falls right in line with the hardships and environment I dealt with growing up.

Q: What does resiliency mean to you?
Resiliency means allowing yourself to lean in to the difficult aspects of life. The road to any goal is sometimes long and arduous but the gratification that comes with achieving it lasts a lifetime.

Q: As a Scottsdale Charro, have your perseverance and resiliency skills helped on long trail rides?
Horseback riding is a lot about trust and confidence. When you’re out exploring the land on a horse you need to settle in and allow the horse to feel your comfort level with any situation. You’ll encounter scary hills, narrow paths, rocky and unstable ground. If the typical surefooted horse trips, falls, or spooks you want to be able to bring them back to a calm state. That requires a horseback rider to stay calm and use the skills learned along the way to prevent an injury and get the horse focused again. Life is a lot like that with challenges and distractions that can prevent you from achieving your goal efficiently.

Q: What does it mean to be board chair and your goals for your tenure?
I am extremely honored to be Board Chair. I am humbled and look forward to providing as much value as I can during my tenure. I think we are positioned to make some big decisions in the coming years that will set the foundation for growth. I’m looking forward to doing my part for that process.