Arizona Tax Credits

Arizona Tax Credits

The state of Arizona offers several different types of charitable tax credits. As long as you have enough tax liability, you can take advantage of them all!


Individual Arizona Tax Credits

Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO)

Previously known as the Charitable Tax Credit or the Working Poor Tax Credit, this individual income Arizona tax credit is available for contributions to QCO’s such as Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH).

3 Easy Steps!
1. Donate directly to BHGH
2. BHGH will mail you a receipt for your records
3.Claim your credit using Form 321 when you file your AZ State Taxes. BHGH QCO Code 20356

Donation  Limits
Single Filers: $400
Joint Filers: $800

Donation Deadline
April 15, 2020 (for the 2019 tax year)

Mail your Donation
BHGH of Arizona
3443 N Central Ave, Arcade 7
Phoenix, AZ 85012


Questions: Contact Marghan Miller


Private School Tuition Tax Credit

Arizona law (ARS 43-1089) allows you, as a tax payer, to direct your Arizona state tax liability to School Tuition Organizations. This is a dollar for dollar tax credit against what you owe the state of Arizona. The funds are used exclusively for the cost of tuition at private schools.

Donation Limits 2019
Single Filers: $1,135
Joint Filers: $2,269

Deadline for donation
April, 15, 2020 (for the 2019 tax year)

Donations can be made to the following STO and indicated for BHGH:
Catholic Education Arizona

scholar group photo
2019 Boys Hope Girls Hope Graduation Party

Corporate Arizona Tax Credits

Private School Tuition Tax Credit

In 2006 and then in 2008, the Arizona State Legislature passed into law the Corporate Income Tax Credit, which allows a corporation (C-Corps, S-Corps and Insurance Companies) to contribute to a qualified STO (School Tuition Organization) and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit up to the total amount of their tax liability.

$5,000 minimum
No maximum – though the state caps the program at $106.9M
The business DOES NOT have to be based in AZ; just have AZ state tax liability

Deadline for donation
June 30, 2020

Donations can be made to the following STO’s and indicated for BHGH:
Catholic Education Arizona
Contact: Deb Preach
(602) 218-6542

Brophy Community Foundation
Contact: Carol Brown
(602) 264-5291, x6521