Collegians tap into their resiliency…

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona scholars work hard for years in anticipation of college applications, college scholarships, college acceptances, and finally, campus life. What will college be like? Will I be able to find my classes? Who will my roommate be? While some of these unanswered questions may come with heightened anxiety, it’s happy anticipation as they enter the next stage of their life.

For the BHGHAZ High School Class of 2020 and 2021, those experiences became uncertain and different as colleges and universities were all trying to navigate the new landscape of COVID. Many college admission procedures, opportunities to tour campuses, and even scholarship programs were canceled due to COVID, creating an unfortunate sense of uncertainty and disappointment for new first-year college students. Those already in college lost opportunities to study abroad and other immersion programs. Many found themselves alone in their dorm rooms doing distance learning.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Staying focused and positive was a struggle most days. Yet I was able to find small ways to think positively, listening to my favorite songs and working on my favorite hobby. Phone calls with Alex, College Success Manager, helped to keep me focused on the big picture and not dwell on what may not be going my way right now.


BHGHAZ Collegian, ASU

A few collegians took gap years in hopes of regaining those experiences in the 21-22 school year. One collegian whose campus was closed, and the program canceled,  joined the AmeriCorps program. They were able to do a service year at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona. Having an alumna on our staff team provided terrific insight and help to the scholars and the organization overall. 

Resiliency to me is about “making it work”. I had so many plans canceled due to COVID and managed to make the most of it. Though, I had to change a lot in order to do that. I had to learn that it is okay not to finish your education in 4 years and it is ok to lose opportunities, because at the end of the day more will come as long as you are looking.


BHGHAZ Collegian, Smith College

Despite changes, cancellations, and modified programs, Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona Collegians were resilient and persisted!