At this year’s Christmas Mart hosted by Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH) Arizona, a touching moment underscores our profound mission impact. When BHGH collegians Jesus, Luis and Lady reunited, bonds forged in childhood visibly strengthened. As the young adults laughed together, arms swung around shoulders in easy camaraderie, their trust and support was palpable.

BHGH aims to nurture motivated youth in need, guiding them to become well-educated, career-ready men and women. Jesus, Luis and Lady have been part of the BHGH family since 6th grade. Now young adults, their reconnection at the 2024 Christmas Mart illuminated the very essence of our mission–cultivating not just academic and professional growth, but lifelong, familial bonds.

Moments like these affirm that BHGH nurtures more than students – we build families equipped to lift up their communities. The beaming smiles of Jesus, Luis and Lady drive home Lady’s words: “Boys Hope Girls Hope really does build families.”

Spending over half their lives together has forged an unbreakable bond amongst our scholars, a community so tight-knit it feels like family for many. Scholars spend time in classes together, plus after-school time in tutoring or extracurricular activities, building friendships and growing alongside each other. Now blossomed into successful adults, they still choose to spend time together daily.

The enduring presence of collegians and alumni at Christmas Mart pays tribute to the lasting relationships built through our programs. When familiar faces reunite with hugs and laughter, the very foundations of our mission shine through. Though years pass, the care and support amongst our BHGH family endures. It is in these moments we are reminded of the true power behind our daily work – the profound, lifelong impact on both the trajectories and connections of our young people. The family of friends forged through BHGH only grows stronger with time.

Scholars who are a part of Boys Hope Girls Hope programs join in sixth grade and stay involved in our community through high school, college, and their transition to the real world. That adds up to more than eleven years together — formative years and moments that amount to the majority of these young people’s lives.

Boys Hope Girls Hope doesn’t just educate; it creates a nurturing, supportive community that lasts a lifetime. This Christmas Mart moment was a beautiful snapshot of our ongoing success in impacting young lives, shaping them into empowered adults who value their shared journey and the community that helped them grow.